Families in Business Conference

The 10th annual Families in Business Conference will take place on October 9-10, 2024 at the Verizon Executive Education Center, on the Cornell Tech Campus. This event brings together students, alumni, and leaders from a diverse range of businesses. This conference is a celebration of all things family business; the stories, the successes, the challenges, the opportunities, and the dreams of every generation.

If you are interested in supporting this year’s conference, either by volunteering for a panel, supporting our students, or sponsoring the conference, please contact Daniel Van Der Vliet at dgv9@cornell.edu.

What previous attendees have said

“The Cornell Families in Business conference is a great opportunity to connect with other family businesses to share stories, network, learn from one another and have fun. Family businesses face a unique set of challenges and the Families in Business across Cornell conference was a great opportunity to openly discuss these challenges, share strategies, and learn from other great family businesses.”

“Global, diverse, multigenerational…an intimate and candid opportunity of sharing real-time views, best practices, and lessons learned.”

“The Families in Business Conference was tremendous in the diversity of attendees and topics. It helped highlight the incredibly important role family businesses have and will play in the global economy.“

“I found this an exciting event bringing together in the same virtual room well-regarded academics from several prestigious business schools. Moreover, the real stars were some really big names in family business, such as Zengoro Houshi, owner of the second oldest family-run hotel in the world. How many times do we get a chance to listen to someone who has distilled 1,300 years of family history? Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”

“Great event to build networks, share ideas and learn. Well worth my time and exceeded my expectations!”

“The event was wonderful for collectively engaging the challenges, and opportunities, inherent in family business.”

“The execution and caliber of the conference were both first-rate.”

“A great start to a long-overdue initiative – thank goodness for the Smiths.”

“…a world-class family business event for learning and exchange.”

“One of the most organized and polished events of this size that I have ever attended.”

“The conference was yet again wonderful! There is so much our family can learn from being a part of this event. We will be permanent attendees.”

Additional information:

Email: Daniel.VDV@Cornell.edu