Finance focuses on the financial structure and problems of corporations, on the manner in which financial securities are priced, and on the organization and operation of markets and financial institutions. As a scholar in finance, you might examine how conflict of interest affects corporate financial policies, how competitive the NASDAQ trading system is, how to detect price bubbles, or how investor psychology affects asset prices in a systematic way. Our finance faculty offers strong support for such explorations of market microstructure, corporate finance, asset pricing, and international finance. The finance faculty has broad interests, and students can develop analytic or empirical interests under their guidance.


Selected Journals

  • Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies

Recent finance dissertations and places of first employment

  • Do Brokerage Analysts’ Recommendations Have Investment Value?,” Kent Womack, Dartmouth College
  • “Essays on Corporate Repurchase Policy,” Gustavo Grullon, Rice University
  • “On the Information Content of the Order Flow,” Gideon Saar, New York University
  • “Essays on Initial Public Offering Underwriting,” Katrina Ellis, Australian Graduate School of Management
  • ”Return Anomalies and Trading,” Soeren Hvidkjaer, University of Maryland
  • “Information, Trading, and Product Market Interactions: Cross-Sectional Implications of Insider Trading,” Heather Tookes, Yale University
  • ”Essays in Risk Management,” Amiyatosh Purnanandam, University of Michigan