MBA Fintech Intensive

Cornell Tech Fintech Intensive stuents

Immerse yourself in the emerging Financial Technology sector and gain a deeper understanding of the current and future Fintech landscape.

The Fintech intensive provides hands-on learning in the emerging financial technology sector. A confluence of events and trends have set the stage for large-scale technological disruption of the financial services industry. Financial institutions are keenly embracing the digital economy, and banks have renewed their focus on technology-driven products and market innovation.

Career paths

The Fintech Intensive is designed for students preparing for careers in finance, tech companies or entrepreneurship.

Curriculum details

The structure of the intensive includes four industry-specific courses taught over the first seven weeks of the spring semester. The Fintech Intensive exposes students to startup ideas and ventures, technical concepts, and real-world case studies of technology applications in multiple areas of the financial services industry.

Students work in integrated teams formed from our residential MBA programs. Through our collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, students work on a project that puts their coursework into practice.

A sample of coursework includes:

Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

  • Students gain a keen awareness of all things blockchain and crypto
  • Topics covered include bitcoin, the Blockchain, and proof of work
  • Guest lecturers speak on issues such as legal aspects of crypto currencies

Business Models

  • Provides students with the opportunity to construct a business model and an understanding of how to scale for high-growth
  • Covers topics of entrepreneurship and investment activities
  • Students develop the ability to better evaluate and improve their own skills, talents, and career

Fintech Practicum

  • The capstone of the intensive, the fintech practicum focus on different aspects of the industry for a holistic understanding of the fintech landscape
  • Each class is led by a distinguished fintech industry expert
  • Concludes with a business plan pitch competition where students present early-stage fintech-related business ideas to a panel of Venture Capitalists

Fintech Group Field Project

  • Students gain first-hand experience and put their coursework into practice by working with clients on real-world projects

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