Faculty & Staff




Doctoral students

  • Junhyun Bae
  • Vincent Bourke
  • Evan Bruno
  • Michael Durney
  • Shreyans Goenka
  • Wayne Johnson
  • Dayoung Kim
  • Huisi Li
  • Qi Li
  • Sarah Lim
  • Xiaoyan Liu
  • Bjoern Mitzinneck
  • Joowon Park
  • Rebecca Pickens
  • Catherine Wiggins
  • Patrick Witz

Faculty members from other Schools or Universities who work with Johnson researchers:

Ori Heffetz, Assistant Professor of Economics

I regularly use the BSL for conducting experiments because it is a professional lab with a very large pool of potential student-participants, and a great team runs it. In the past few years I’ve conducted experiments with more than a thousand students, studying various topics in economics and psychology.