Parker Center for Investment Research

Advancing asset management, education, practice, and research

In 1998, with support from Cornell alumnus Jeffrey P. Parker ’65, MEng ’66, MBA ’70, Johnson leadership and faculty established the Parker Center for Investment Research to provide a world-class education in security analysis and portfolio management to future generations of business leaders.

Through the Parker Center, students receive instruction and training in the latest analytical tools used by Wall Street professionals. The $1 million Cayuga MBA Fund allows students to manage real money as part of a formal class in investments. Exposure to the latest thought leadership in equity valuation and capital markets gives students a unique educational experience in asset management. Flagship MBA events, involving participation from top peer schools and corporate sponsors, including the MBA Stock Pitch Challenge, the pioneering Women in Investing (WIN) conference, and the Undergraduate Stock Pitch Challenge, provide valuable networking and recruiting opportunities to students.  Time and again, MBA candidates point to the Parker Center's performance learning curriculum and signature events as critical to securing internships and landing coveted jobs at top investment firms.

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In conversation with Dave Breazzano, MBA '80, Founder and CIO of DDJ Capital Management, LLC, and Chair of Johnson Advisory Council

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Lakshmi Bhojraj