MBA Stock Pitch Challenge Overview

Judge watching 10-minute timer

What Happens at the MBA Stock Pitch Challenge?

Thursday – November 2, 2023

  • Welcoming Remarks and Keynote Speaker

Friday- November 3, 2023

  • Team will pitch three stocks in the preliminary rounds (1-3) of the competition.  All teams will need to issue an investment recommendation on one assigned common stock in round one, and will have a limited choice of 3-5 stocks from different industry baskets from which they will select a stock to pitch in rounds 2 and 3.  Each pitch will need to feature a different lead presenter though all team members are encouraged to answer Q&A. Presentations are 10 minutes long with 5 minutes of Q&A from judges.  Teams should use a pre-issued Powerpoint template for their presentations.  Judges will select the top team to advance to the final round from each of the three presentation rooms.
  • The three finalists will proceed to the final round, where they make a ten-minute presentation on any stock of their choice, followed by five minutes of Q&A.  First and second place winners are announced.
  • Competing teams are not permitted to watch one another’s presentations in the first three rounds.  Non-finalists are encouraged to watch finalist teams in the final round.

Why Participate?


  • Experience the intensity, depth, and breadth of questions posed by top investment professionals – the kinds of questions asked daily on Wall Street.
  • Network with investment industry professionals – SPC judges, sponsors, and MBA competitors who will soon enter the field.
  • Prepare concise, compelling pitches.
  • Use professional investment software, including Capital IQ, FactSet and Bloomberg.


  • Gain priority access to top MBA candidates; watch them demonstrate their intellectual horsepower under intense time pressure.
  • Network with peer investment professionals, research faculty, and top MBA students.
  • Enhance your firm’s prestige through Ivy League associations.
  • Raise your visibility with the business schools that contribute the most talent and research to your industry.