Undergraduate Women in Investing Conference Stock Pitch Format and Guidelines

Guidelines & Format

  1. Teams of four full-time students from each school (sophomores, juniors and seniors) can participate in the Undergraduate WIN Conference’s stock pitch challenge portion.

2. Teams may pick any stock of their choosing and prepare an investment recommendation (buy or sell/short) and presentation.  For a sell recommendation, teams will need to clarify whether it is a sell assuming one is holding the position or a short sale recommendation.

3. Judges consist of distinguished investment professionals from sponsoring firms.

4. Students are expected to be on the honor system throughout the event.

The Presentation

1. All teams must put their stock pitch presentations on a pre-designed template provided by the organizers.  Teams are able to make minor changes to their presentations after submission to organizers, keeping in mind that the judges will have access to these submissions ahead of time so it is in the teams’ interest to have their presentations be as final as possible.

2. All four students on each team will present and also participate in answering the judges’ questions.

3. A total of 15 minutes is allotted per team pitch; with 7 minutes of presentation time and 8 minutes for Q&A from the judges. Time limits will be strictly enforced by an official timekeeper.

4. Judges will use an evaluation sheet for the challenge. The presentation will be judged on the basis of the quality of the analysis, presentation delivery, and the quality of the Q&A session. These evaluation sheets will be scanned and emailed to presenters in the week following the conference.

Sample presentation

We present here a sample stock pitch presentation from one of the 2021 winning teams, Williams College. Please note that contents have been blurred to protect their work