Stock Pitch Camp

One-day Fundamental Investment Research Seminar, Parker Center for Investment Research, Cornell S.C. Johnson College of Business


1. Learn basics of fundamental research
2. Prepare draft one-page report
3. Learn next steps for learning more about fundamental research and careers in investment management

Venue – Virtual Event, (mid-late September)

1. Instructor leads discussion in key steps for conducting proprietary, fundamental research using primary sources and preparing written recommendations
2. Students spend much of the day conducting research using online sources under guidance of instructor
3. Seminar held virtually – TBD


1. Held virtually, Date TBD, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
2. Organized jointly by the Parker Center for Investment Research and the Investment Management Club
3. Led by Scott Stewart, member of Johnson Finance and Accounting faculties link


1. Discussion of fundamental research techniques
2. Sample one-page format
3. Finding an interesting stock to study
4. Online research tools
5. Finding basic information, including competitors
6. Primary sources
7. Industry analysis
8. Fundamental ranking
9. Valuation basics
10. Target prices
11. Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations
12. Next steps