1st Year Sector Analysts


First year MBA students interested in fundamental research begin their training in the summer and fall of their first year by pursuing the summer prep program, one-day Stock Camp, participating in the Investment Management Club and working on their own.  This is in addition to completing coursework in finance, accounting and business strategy and management.  In early October they apply for participation as First Year Cayuga Fund Analysts. They are only accepted after demonstrating strong interest in investment management and commitment to supporting the Fund.

Students complete several assignments to earn course credit.  Students work with 2nd-years to identify industries to research during the year.  They participate in sector team meetings and in the regular Fund investment meetings.  First year analysts present their research recommendations at the end of the spring semester and assume responsibility for monitoring a small, select group of Fund holdings during the summer.

Headshot of Cornell MBA Student, Alberto Alegria

Alberto Alegria

Two-year MBA '25
Matthew Bumstead Headshot

Matthew Bumstead

Two-year MBA '25
Oliver Enderle headshot

Oliver Enderle

Two-year MBA '25
Headshot of Cornell MBA student, Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee

Two-year MBA '25
Headshot of Cornell University MBA student, Jay Li

Jay Li

Two-year MBA '25
Headshot of Cornell MBA Student, Eric Ndlovu

Eric Ndlovu

Two-year MBA '25
Ani Pridijian Headshot

Ani Pridijian

Two-year MBA '25
Headshot of Cornell MBA student, Dewi Rahmawati

Dewi Rahmawati

Two-year MBA '25
Headshot of an MBA student, Priya Rauiyar.

Priya Rauniyar

MBA '25
Harrison Slater Headshot

Harrison Slater

Two-year MBA '25
Tristan Vu headshot

Tristan Vu

Two-year MBA '25
Kai Yang Headshot

Kai Yang

Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate, Baker Program '25
Monica Zhao headshot

Monica Zhao

Two-year MBA '25