OverviewAInvestment Portfolio Case Competition Overview

February 12, 2021 Event organized by:

Case Topic: Impact Funds: A Family of Choices for Socially-Responsible Investors

More and more investors are seeking socially-responsible allocations for their savings. Morningstar recently reported that over $800 billion are invested globally in Environmental, Social and Governance focused funds and that those funds continue to see significant asset inflows. However, no investment firm currently offers a comprehensive family of funds focused on specific areas for impact, to satisfy the breadth of investor needs.

For the 2021 Investment Portfolio Case Competition, students will review a case study of a fictional firm seeking to complement its successful offering of sector funds with a new family of Impact Funds that allow investors to support their dual investment goals of improving society and preparing for retirement. Teams will present their innovative ideas in the competition that are based on careful reviews of ESG-investors’ needs and the competitive marketplace, and rigorous testing of their new investment strategies, both individually and within a diversified mix of assets. The top teams will propose innovative, yet implementable ideas that complement traditional investment offerings.