Summer Self-Study Equity Research Prep

The Parker Center offers two different prep programs for students interested in equity research to pursue during the summer. Most of the program is self-study, but feedback on deliverables is provided.

  1. SHORT: learn about the fundamental equity research process. This program explains the industry review and stock report processes and provides sufficient background to interpret Street research reports.  It is appropriate for students who want to learn about equity research but not conduct their own research at this time.  It is very helpful for the interview process but may not be sufficient for all interviews.  Membership in the Investment Management Club will help you advance further.  TIME: 30+ hours
  2. TRAINED: learn the fundamental research process AND conduct own work. This program is more time consuming but guides students to pursue their own research using primary sources.  It is appropriate for students who have time to learn how to conduct fundamental research, want to develop their own insights and recommendations, and be fully prepared to conduct new research on their own or in a new job.  Students can continue their training in the fall in the Investment Management Club.  While time consuming, students who have completed this process have used it to land summer internships.  TIME: 70+ hours

Most of this material was sourced from a course in equity research taught by faculty.  As a result, reference will be made to features/assignments that aren’t part of this Prep program.  Several of the tools mentioned in his lectures, such as Capital IQ, will be made available when students arrive on campus.

As a supplement, a reading list was prepared by Johnson School 2nd year MBA students.   

Incoming students should email the Parker Center at for more information and access to program materials.