Parker Center investment Research

The Parker Center is named in honor of a generous gift from alumnus Jeffrey P. Parker (MBA ’70), now retired. He founded and served as CEO of CCBN, Managing Director of Private Equity Investments, and is a founder of First Call. Jeff remains actively engaged as an advisor to the Parker Center as well as to Johnson.

A Word from Jeffrey Parker

Jeffrey P. Parker '70

In 1997, Johnson embarked on fulfilling an ambitious vision of integrating leading-edge research and teaching in capital markets with the real-world resources and practice of investment management. Within a very short time, the school created a significant investment fund and built a state-of-the-art teaching platform where students work with real-time data and analytical software that surpasses that available at many Wall Street firms.

Johnson’s Parker Center provides students the unique opportunity of managing real money, of interacting on a business level with investment professionals, and of being exposed to the faculty’s world-class research findings in equity valuation and asset management. Students in the program have more than proved their mettle. The Cayuga ¬†Fund’s performance has been stellar, and its student fund managers have gone on to make real contributions to the professional investment industry.

Jeffrey P. Parker ’70
Chair, Parker Center Advisory Board