Women in Investing Conference

Women in Investment Conference

November 19-20, 2015

The Parker Center's Women in Investing Conference (WIN) is a forum for full-time MBA women from top business schools around the country to gather and:

  • Network
  • Hear perspectives on investment careers and related topics
  • Learn from distinguished women and men in the industry
  • Showcase their stock-picking skills in front of industry veterans

More than 65 representatives from top-tier investment management firms and 70 female MBA students from top business schools are expected to attend.

This event was founded in 2010 by Lakshmi Bhojraj, '95, MBA '01, Breazzano Family Executive Director of the Parker Center for Investment Research, to educate women about the rewarding career opportunities available to them in investment management—a field in which women are vastly underrepresented.

Women in Investing Conference

Investment professionals and female MBA students from top schools gather to explore careers in asset management.

Women in Investing Conference 2015

Kira R. Dietrich, MBA '12

The WIN Conference was an extremely well-coordinated event attended by many of the top women in the industry. One of the most valuable portions of the weekend was receiving feedback from the judges, after presenting a stock pitch. This feedback helped me re-shape my pitch for job interviews.

– Kira R. Dietrich, MBA '12

Kima McCoy, MBA '11

As a career changer, I found the conference very inspirational. I met well-respected women in investment management who were open to sharing their experiences with us. As an added bonus, it was helpful to meet other MBA students and to understand the various paths that led them to consider a career in investment management.

– Kima McCoy, MBA '11

Lisa Evanson, MBA '12

Boston was a great place to have the Women in Investing Conference. There were many buy-side shops that were able to attend the conference because we came to their central location.

– Lisa Evanson, MBA '12

Anya Chang, CFA, MBA '12

The WIN conference offers a platform for female students to demonstrate our skills and passion for investment management to investment professionals, and to exchange thoughts with other top-MBA students. The stock-pitch showcase is especially helpful that we gained practical feedback from buy-side fund managers, and we also received quite a few interview invitations after our pitch.

Anya Chang, CFA, MBA '12