Our Cayuga MBA Fund Portfolio Managers leave Johnson exceptionally well prepared to make an immediate impact on the financial firms they join.

Their experience in applying cutting edge theory to managing real assets for real investors goes far beyond the norm in graduate management education. Moreover, students also leave Johnson with a superb network of contacts, including those who have provided advice and feedback on the students' research and investment ideas.

The success of our graduates is reflected in their professional positions. Please log into Johnson's alumni directory JConnect and pick the Cayuga Fund under the Academic Affiliation search field to generate a list of portfolio managers and their professional contact information.  Please click on the link to the left to view biographies of current Cayuga Fund students and where they did their summer internship.

Class of 2015

Ettore Acampora, One-Year MBA '15

Ettore Acampora

One-Year MBA '15

Ada wan yin Chan, One-Year MBA '15

Ada wan yin Chan

One-Year MBA '15

Zachary Dimmerman, One-Year MBA '15

Zachary Dimmerman

One-Year MBA '15

Yasuyuki Andrew Imanishi, One-Year MBA '15

Yasuyuki Andrew Imanishi

One-Year MBA '15

Divya Jha, One-Year MBA '15

Divya Jha

One-Year MBA '15

Jacob Jordan, One-Year MBA '15

Jacob Jordan

One-Year MBA '15

Siddharth Kannan, One-Year MBA '15

Siddharth Kannan

One-Year MBA '15

Shawn Kim, One-Year MBA '15

Shawn Kim

One-Year MBA '15

Vinay Sambamurthy, One-Year MBA '15

Vinay Sambamurthy

One-Year MBA '15

Ray Wong, MBA '15

Ray Wong

MBA '15