MPS in Management Employment Report 2023

See how an MPS from Cornell drives your potential earnings and career opportunities. The data below details the compensation, industry sectors, job functions, locations, and employers of recent graduates.

*The data in this report represents 74.3% of the class of 2023.

Full-Time Job Offers and Acceptances

The MPS in Management class of 2023 included 70 graduates. The figures below represent the job offers and acceptances of graduates who were actively seeking full-time employment opportunities.



within six months of graduation



within six months of graduation

Average Base Salary and Signing Bonus Data

The compensation data for the MPS in Management class of 2023 includes average base salary and average signing bonus based on job location. The breakouts include salaries and bonuses of jobs located in the US compared to jobs located outside the US.


Average Base Salary

for US-based jobs


Average Signing Bonus

for US-based jobs


Average Base Salary

for non-US-based jobs


Average Signing Bonus

for non-US-based jobs

*N/A: less than three data points (needed to maintain anonymity)

Salary Data

Interested in how average base salary changes by industry, job function, and location? Take a look below.

Average Base Salary by Industry

A majority of the class of 2023 is employed in the financial services industry. The next highest employment industry is consulting, followed by manufacturing and technology (tied for third).

Average Base Salary by Job Function

The majority of MPS in Management graduates—almost one-third of the entire class—are working in a finance function. One-fourth of the class is employed in marketing and sales roles, while another fifth of the class works in consulting.

Job FunctionAverage
Base Salary
Base Salary
Salary RangePercent
General Management$54,333$23,000$20,000-$120,00010%

*Other includes: accounting, data/analytics, operations/logistics and other

Average Base Salary by Location

A majority of graduates accepted jobs in North America, while over one-one third accepted jobs in Asia.

Base Salary
Base Salary
Salary RangePercent
North America$88,720$85,000$28,000-$120,00059%
European Free Trade ZoneN/AN/AN/A3%

Top Employers

The list below represents the top companies that hired MPS in Management graduates for full-time positions from 2019-2023.

Ayco logo
Boston Consulting Group logo
ByteDance logo
China International Capital Corporation logo
Citic Securities logo
Deloitte logo
KPMG logo
Lincoln International logo
Morgan Stanley logo
PwC logo

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