Applications and Requirements

MBA + Graduate Degree Application Process & Johnson Requirements

In order to earn dual degrees, you must apply to and be accepted by both the Johnson and the Cornell school or department offering the other degree. You also need to inform both schools of your intent to pursue a dual degree program.

If you apply to both schools simultaneously, you will need to defer your admission to one of the programs.

If you are already enrolled in either the Johnson MBA program or another Cornell graduate degree program, you may apply to the other school during your first semester of graduate study.

Either during enrollment or your first year of study at Johnson, you must request and receive permission from the school's Academic Standards Committee to apply credits from the other degree program to your MBA.

To earn an MBA along with another Cornell graduate degree, these are the Johnson requirements

  • 3 semesters in residence at Johnson
  • 45 credit hours, including our MBA core curriculum and 25 credit hours of Johnson electives
  • 15 credit hours from the other graduate degree program applied to the MBA

MBA + Bachelor's Degree Application Process & Johnson Requirements

In order to earn your bachelor's degree and an MBA in five years, apply to Johnson during the fall semester of your junior year.

To earn an MBA in addition to your bachelor's degree, you must:

  • complete all the requirements for your undergraduate major by the end of your junior year
  • take all of the MBA core courses during your senior year and apply these credit hours to your bachelor's degree program as free electives
  • earn Johnson two residence units by registering as a full time student at Johnson after graduating from your undergraduate college
  • successfully complete at least 30 credit hours of graduate level coursework, including a minimum of 25 credit hours of Johnson electives
  • maintain a GPA of 2.50 or better in Johnson core courses and an overall GPA of 2.70 or better in Johnson courses